Purely by the numbers, the Asian-Indian market is the single most affluent and valuable consumer segement in the country today!


  • Their median household income is nearly double that of the total U.S. ($101,899 South Asian vs. $55,775 Total U.S.)

  • The percentage of college graduates is more than double (72.3% South Asian vs. 30.6% Total U.S.) and the percentage of their population in professional careers is also more than double the national average (29.2% South Asian vs. 13.8% Total U.S.)


  • Traditionally, the biggest barrier to entry in multicultural marketing has been the additional expense of new, language-specific creative.  However, in the South Asian Market, even that is not an issue.  U.S. South Asians prefer speaking English by more than 3 to 1! (76% to 24%.  2007 Global Advertising Strategy Study)


  • According to the Census Bureau, the overwhelming majority of South Asian Americans (80%)  speak English fluently. And they are the original “super-consumers,” over-indexing in purchase and usage of virtually every product category imaginable.